How do you progress in CafeCosmos?

🌱 Basics

Start your adventure with the essential tasks:
Click to reveal the basics! 🔑
  • Acquire STKRP Token 💰
  • Buy Land through UI or direct smart contract 🏞️
  • Account creation:
    • Choose a nickname 📛
    • Select your chef (purely aesthetic) 👨‍🍳👩‍
    • Private key import or generation, and password creation 🔐
  • Gather basic resources that spawn on your land 🌲
  • Build basic tools with Sticks, Crystal & Stone 🪓⛏️

Basic Tools → Gather Resources

Once you have your tools, it's time to gather more resources:
Click to learn about resource gathering! 🌳⛏
  • Cut down trees for wood with an axe 🪓
  • Break stones with a pickaxe ⛏️
  • Water plants with a watering can 🚰
  • Cut the grass and harvest plants with a scythe 🌾

Craft Appliances → Transform & Craft new items/advanced resources

Build appliances to transform and craft new items:
Click to learn about crafting! 🔥
  • Build a clay oven with stone 🔨
  • Collect ores and smelt them in the furnace to get ingots 💎🔥
  • Use Ingots to craft appliances ⚙️

Farm → Get New Resources

Take up farming to get new resources:
Click to learn about farming! 🍅
  • Break wild grass to get crop seeds 🌱
  • Till your soil by using a hoe 🚜
  • Plant a seed in the soil and water frequently to receive back the product of the crop 🌽
  • When you harvest a crop, you also receive a seed of the crop 🌾

Rear Animals → Produce

Rear animals to gather resources:
Click to learn about rearing animals! 🐄
  • Use a bucket to get milk from a cow 🥛
  • Or collect eggs from a chicken 🥚

Activate Tables → Enhance Rewards

Prepare your cafe to enhance your rewards:
Click to learn about activating tables! 🍽️
  • Build Table + Chair 🪑
  • Place 1 chair next to table to activate it 💺

Cook Recipes → Earn Rewards

Finally, it's cooking time! Master the recipes to earn rewards:
Click to become a master chef! 🍲
  • Figure out recipes 📜
  • Gather ingredients 🥕🌽
  • Put up STKRP collateral + ingredients on a compatible stove for your chef to cook 🔥
  • Claim your rewards 🏆
  • Reclaim your collateral 💰
  • Remember, you can use multiple cooking mechanisms at the same time for more culinary adventures! 🍳