Here are some key points to know about land

Acquiring Land 🛣️

  • Land is NOT limited. Anybody can mint their plot and expand it.

  • Land is required to play CafeCosmos.

  • You can purchase land with tokens.

  • Revenue from land purchases is redistributed to players as rewards.

  • Land is not tradable.

  • Land will be issued via an auction mechanism.

Land Resources 🌿

  • There is no fixed supply of land.

  • Lands are generated with a random number of resources.

  • The size of your land determines the amount of resources you can have and the number of structures you can build.

  • Resources spawned on the land at generation do not disappear if unused.

  • Initial resources such as sticks, crystals, trees and animals spawn on the land.

Land Expansion 🏗️

  • Land is always square or rectangle, making expansion increasingly costly.

  • You can always purchase more land by interacting with the game interface or directly through the smart contract.

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