CafeCosmos is a world of creativity and fun! Here's a guide on the various actions you can perform.

🌳🔨 Gathering Resources that Spawn on the Land

Embark on a journey around your land and discover an array of resources that you can gather for crafting, cooking, and more! Here are some basic resources your land blesses you with:
  • 🧊 Crystal
  • 🪵 Sticks
  • 🧱 Clay
  • 🌳 Trees
  • 🐄 Animals
Equip your tools and start gathering! For example, chop down trees with an axe to collect wood. But watch out for GNOMES! 🪓

⚙️🔮 Transformations

In CafeCosmos, you're an alchemist! Transformations are at the heart of our gameplay. You can morph items to produce new ones by following specific recipes and methods.
  • Transformations offer a consistent yield. For example using a certain amount of crystal in an oven will consistently produce a consistent amount of ingots. 🍳🔥
  • The exception to this is cooking, which changes based on the shares you receive.
Click here to explore transformation possibilities! 🔧⚒️🔨
  • 🪟 Ordinary wall + window = wall with a window
  • 🪐 Ordinary wall + planet = wall with a planet
  • 📜 Ordinary wall + menu = wall with a menu
  • 🪙 Crystal + furnace = ingot
  • 🪣🚰 Bucket + water well = bucket with water
Click here for some delicious examples! 🥦🍖🥚🧀
  • 🫒🔧 Olives + olive maker -> olive oil
  • 🥛🧀 Milk + cheese press -> cheese
  • 🥛🧈 Milk + butter churner -> butter
  • 🍚🥣 Flour + mixer -> dough
  • 🥛🥣 Milk + mixer -> whipped cream

🛠️ Craft

Unleash your inner artisan and start crafting! Use resources to create new items or modify existing ones.

🌱 Farming

Nurture your green thumb with farming! Grow and maintain crops for resources.
Click here to learn about farming activities! 🌽🌾🍅🍏
  • 🍎 Harvest Trees & Bushes (to collect fruit)
  • 🚜 Till Soil
  • 🌱 Plant Seeds
  • 🌽 Harvest crops

🐔 Rearing Animals

Raise your own livestock in CafeCosmos and obtain resources from them!
Click here to learn about rearing animals! 🐄🐓🐖
  • 🥛🐄 Take care of your Cow → to get Milk
  • 🥚🐔 Take care of your Chicken → to get Eggs

🍳 Cooking

Use prepared ingredients to create delicious dishes and earn rewards!
Click here to learn how to become a master chef! 🍲🍝🍜
  • 📜 Know your recipe!
  • 🥕Prepare your ingredients.
  • 🍲 Place them on the right oven for the Chef to cook.
  • 🎉 Claim Rewards.
There you have it! Go out there and create your own Cosmic Cafe! 🚀🌍🌟
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