🍿Player Interactions

How can you interact with others you ask?...

🥊 Competitive Interactions

Compete with other players for shares of the dividend pools and reap the rewards! But beware of the Collateral Steal...

  • If you don't claim your reward within 24 hours of it being available, someone else can swoop in to steal the collateral that was put down in order to cook a recipe. Your reward will be burnt, and all you will be left with is dust.

🏭 Economies of Scale

A player with a larger plot of land (e.g., 20x20 cafe) will have a competitive edge over smaller players with 4x4 cafes. The more you expand, the more you gain!

🚀 Future Interactions

Looking ahead, there's a lot to look forward to in CafeCosmos:

  • Visit other players' cafes 🏃‍♀️

  • Message friends 💌

  • Send items to others 🎁

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